Advancing The Business of Science: BiotechExec Joins MassBio

Sep 27, 2023

Q: What do many life science innovators need in order to advance their company? A: Experienced Leadership

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There are only a very select number of people who intimately know the commercial blueprint for successful and sustainable growth for companies in biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics and digital health. Until now, access to this expertise for young and emerging companies has been too expensive, difficult to find, or geographically restrictive. With BiotechExec, this is no longer true.

Whether it’s expert advice, fractional placement or executive recruitment, BiotechExec provides experienced domain experts, matched precisely to meet specific company objectives.


Integrated Global Network of Innovation, Talent and Entrepreneurship


We have 300+ exceptional executives bringing a wealth of industry knowledge, strategic expertise, industry connections, and a proven track record of driving companies to success. BiotechExec’s IGNITE network drives multiple revenue opportunities through our unique blend of placement, fractional, and consulting services.


We believe our association with MassBio will not only help build stronger relationships with like-minded fellow members, but we also want to appeal to life science companies that are looking to directly benefit from our expertise to enable them to achieve sustainable growth.

We utilize our own national network of senior executives, with remote or hybrid working options so our clients can benefit from flexible contracts and value-based interim solutions to achieve commercial success.


Steve Joseph

Vice President, Business Development


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