Applied Cells Joins MassBio

Jul 10, 2023

We are thrilled to share the news that Applied Cells has officially become a member of MassBio!

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About us

At Applied Cells, we are dedicated to supporting industry experts worldwide in their endeavors of Cell Therapy Development, Cell isolation, and Tumor Detection. With our cutting-edge MARS® Platform, we offer comprehensive end-to-end sample preparation solutions for small to large-scale cell isolation.


Our Technologies

Wsupport MARS® users with two technologies—Acoustic Debris Removal and In-flow Immunomagnetic Cell Isolation—to facilitate positive and negative cell selection workflows, allowing the separation of specific target cell subpopulations with unparalleled purity, recovery, and viability.


Acoustic debris removal is a label-free technique that harnesses the power of acoustic waves to manipulate and separate cells based on their physical properties, such as size and density. Complementing this, our proprietary in-flow technology of column-free Immunomagnetic cell separation provides a highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for cell isolation. We eliminated the need for matrix columns, minimizing cell loss and delivering exceptional cell purity and high recoveries across various sample types.


The MARS® platform is an open system, accommodating a range of magnetic bead types, including those directly coated with antibodies against specific cell surface markers or molecules, tailored to match your application and target cell type for isolation.


Transforming Cell Separation Workflows

MARS® platform empowers researchers and clinicians to enhance performance, consistency, and efficiency in cell selection workflows. From isolating rare cells, tumor cells to T-cells, our system enables the isolation of target cells with superior recovery, purity, and reproducibility, driving breakthroughs in detection limits for various cancer types.


Cell Therapy Development

In pre-clinical cell therapy development, obtaining a significant number of cells with exceptional purity, recovery, and viability is crucial. MARS® Bar platform supports cell therapy development by providing scalable small to large-scale manufacturing solutions.

Manufactured and tested in an ISO13485-compliant facility, adhering to CE (Conformité Européenne) regulations, our platform facilitates a seamless transition from RUO process development to commercial manufacturing of GMP-compliant Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, including cell and gene therapy.


Plasma Cell and Stem Cell Isolation

The MARS® platform offers efficient isolation of Plasma cells (CD138+) and Stem Cells (CD34+), empowering researchers to uncover new insights in Multiple Myeloma and Stem Cell research. Our streamlined approach saves valuable time by eliminating time-consuming pre-processing steps. Supporting various sample types, including peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow, we provide reagents designed to enhance the isolation process, simplifying experimental procedures and increasing overall efficiency.


Tumor cell isolation

MARS® users can efficiently isolate tumor cells, including disseminated tumor cells (DTC), circulating tumor cells (CTC), and minimal residual disease (MRD), with the flexibility to employ both acoustic debris removal and magnetic cell enrichment or depletion techniques, tailoring the isolation approach to their specific experimental requirements.


Immune Cells Isolation

Researchers can easily isolate a wide range of immune cells, including T cells, B cells, NK cells, Monocytes, Neutrophils, and more. We offer support for diverse sample types, such as peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow, and leukopaks, catering to the unique research needs of scientists.


We joined MassBio to further empower researchers through our innovative solutions. Whether partnering with a small research lab or supporting a cell manufacturing company, we continually strive to innovate, improve processes, and identify new opportunities. Our focus has led us to engage in fascinating projects across the United States, Europe, and Asia. No matter how challenging the task, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to working alongside you, ensuring that together, we achieve the results you envision!


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