Applied Cells Opens the CellQuest Grant to Advance Multiple Myeloma Research

Sep 05, 2023

We’re delighted to share the launch of the CellQuest Grant for clinical researchers specializing in multiple myeloma and cell therapy development.

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We are thrilled to announce we are launching the CellQuest Grant, designed for researchers focused on in multiple myeloma research, diagnostics and the development of cell therapies.


Open for applications until mid-November 2023, the CellQuest Grant offers access to our MARS® Bar cell separation platform for six months. But the perks don’t end there. Successful applicants will benefit from a comprehensive package inclusive of essential reagents, in-depth training sessions, and the support of our expert team.


The goal of the grant is clear: to empower top-tier research by providing access to advanced cell separation technology. With the MARS® Bar platform, recognized for its superior immunomagnetic separation capabilities, researchers can anticipate unparalleled consistency, purity, and recovery of target cells.


For those keen to participate, we encourage proposals within these pivotal research areas:


• Deciphering the disease: exploring the microenvironment of bone marrow in multiple myeloma.
• Focusing on diagnostics: understanding circulating tumor cells in multiple myeloma.
• Advancing treatment: tailored approaches for multiple myeloma therapy.
• Improving cell therapy: improving protocols for cell-based interventions for multiple myeloma.


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About Applied Cells:

Founded in Silicon Valley, Applied Cells is supporting industry experts across the globe in target cell isolation, cell therapy development and tumor detection. The company’s MARS® Platform offers end-to-end sample preparation solutions for efficient small to large scale cell isolation, including unique solutions for the isolation of plasma cells (CD138+) and stem cells (CD34+), empowering researchers to uncover new insights in multiple myeloma and stem cell research. This streamlined approach saves valuable time by eliminating time-consuming pre-processing steps. Supporting various sample types – including peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow – Applied Cells provides reagents designed to enhance the isolation process, simplifying experimental procedures and increasing overall efficiency.


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