BioIVT Elevates Cell and Gene Therapy to an Artform at Meeting on the Mesa

Oct 03, 2023

Expert staff will be on hand at the conference to discuss how BioIVT can support CGT research from discovery and development to commercialization.

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BioIVT, a global research partner and biospecimen solutions provider for drug and diagnostic development, will showcase its latest developments for advanced therapies at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa. This conference will be held from October 10-12 at the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad, CA.


“At BioIVT, we believe that cell and gene therapy (CGT) is an artform, and its researchers are artists,” said Dr. Parijat Jain, Vice President, CGT at BioIVT. “BioIVT provides the tools and other resources for them to create masterpieces. Then, when they are ready to commercialize their creations, we help them to maintain donor availability and diversity, mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions, and avoid production delays by providing access to our global donor network and product portfolio that scales from research to clinic.”


BioIVT will host an exclusive networking reception to set the tone for the conference as well as provide a sneak peek of its new “exhibit” in the Palmer Pavilion at the Park Hyatt Aviara from 6:30-9:30 pm on October 9. Further details about its grand reveal can be found here. Pre-registration is required to attend this complimentary event.


Why BioIVT


Donor Difference


BioIVT operates a global network comprised of 11 donor centers and 425 clinical sites, which allow it to provide reliable access to a large pool of recallable, highly characterized, normal and disease state donors. The network’s broad geographical reach ensures that the company has a wide variety of donors and can collect, process, and deliver materials quickly, thus preserving their biological functions. By maintaining a demographically diverse donor base, BioIVT can also assure researchers that their study results will be valid in a real-world situation. 


BioIVT leverages regional donor centers and a global donor management system to maintain product continuity, provide redundancy and flexibility in its supply chain, and mitigate potential risks to R&D activities. This approach also allows it to adapt to meet researchers’ evolving needs.


End to End Product Portfolio


BioIVT provides both research use only (RUO) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) products, so it can support new therapies from discovery through clinical development to commercialization. This approach minimizes variability, ensures research integrity, and removes the need to qualify additional providers late in the production cycle, which wastes time, money, and other resources. BioIVT also provides disease state leukopaks and immune cell subsets so researchers can ensure that their processes are fit for purpose.


BioIVT’s immune cell product portfolio includes human and animal peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), CD34+ stem cells and cell subsets, and RUO and GMP human AB serum, and mobilized and non-mobilized leukopaks. Further details can be found here.


Additional information about this conference can be found at


About BioIVT


BioIVT enables smarter science and accelerates medical breakthroughs by delivering high-quality personalized biospecimen solutions and research services to the life science and diagnostic industries. We specialize in control and disease state samples including human and animal tissues or preparations, ADME-Tox products and research services, cell and gene therapy products, blood, and other biofluids. Our unmatched portfolio of clinical specimens directly supports precision medicine research and the effort to improve patient outcomes by coupling comprehensive clinical data with donor samples. By combining our technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biological specimens, BioIVT serves the research community as a trusted partner in ELEVATING SCIENCE®. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @BioIVT.

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