BioIVT to Host a Webinar on Optimizing Liquid Biopsy Research

Oct 02, 2023

Webinar will discuss the importance of using standardized collection protocols and a diverse donor base to validate biomarkers and ensure their clinical utility

Posted by BioIVT

BioIVT, a global research partner and biospecimen solutions provider for drug and diagnostic development, is hosting a webinar entitled “Unlocking the Future of Liquid Biopsy Research” at 11 am ET on October 4.


“Liquid biopsy research has the potential to revolutionize the way we detect, diagnose, and treat diseases but several challenges need to be overcome first. They include standardizing sample collection and analysis, identifying reliable biomarkers, and developing effective clinical applications,” said Courtney Noah, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at BioIVT.


During the webinar, Dr. Noah will describe how BioIVT has helped researchers to overcome many of these issues by using standardized collection procedures, including specific sample collection tubes and preservation techniques, and establishing strict quality control protocols. Together, these steps help to minimize pre-analytical variability and lower the risk of failure.


By leveraging its network of 10 donor centers and 425 clinical sites, BioIVT also provides researchers with reliable access to a large pool of recallable, highly characterized, disease-state and control donors of different races and ethnicities. This diverse donor base allows researchers to test the effectiveness of their new biomarkers across a broad range of patient types and ensure they will be successful in real-world settings.


“Using diverse biospecimens can also help researchers to identify biomarkers that are relevant across different cancer types and stages. It gives them a more comprehensive understanding of the disease biology so they can develop more accurate and informative liquid biopsy tests,” Dr. Noah added.


Researchers can register for this complimentary webinar at


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