Cresset May 2021 newsletter

May 27, 2021

Posted by Cresset

Cresset User Group Meeting: June 16th and 17th 1200x627 UGM with details

Hear Cresset scientists present our latest science, and showcase upcoming solutions to help you design the best molecules as efficiently as possible; as well as invited speakers presenting their use of Cresset solutions.

June 16th: ‘Connecting ligand-based methods in Flare™’ including an invited presentation from Jens Schamberger, Bayer AG. Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes.

June 17th: ‘Working at the edge of structure-based design’ including an invited presentation from Christina Schindler, Merck Healthcare KGaA. Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Whether you are new to Cresset, have been with us from the beginning, or are just intrigued to find out more, we hope you can join us. Register to secure your place.

Sneak peek at Flare V5: Your agile integrated platform for drug discovery Figure 1_Flare V5 Synchronize Selections

Flare V5 builds on Cresset’s established structure-based design platform by integrating ligand-based methods to deliver a comprehensive molecule design solution. Giovanna Tedesco, Head of Products, explores some of the new and existing functionality in Flare which has been created to make your interaction with Flare more efficient.

Streamlining molecular discovery Cresset technology steers molecular discovery

Martin Slater, Director of Consulting Services, discusses where outsourcing computational chemistry can complement internal research and gives insight into the ways Cresset Discovery Services CADD scientists help customers deliver on their corporate objectives.

Integration of Mcule’s purchasable compound library in Blaze™ virtual screening platform provides greater chemical diversity for outsourced projects

Cresset Discovery Services now has access to Mcule’s purchasable compound library through the Blaze virtual screening platform to provide users with greater chemical diversity for outsourced projects.

June 8th

Managing multiple CRO partnerships with Torx Make™

June 16th and 17th

Cresset User Group Meeting

July 13th and 14th

Free Energy Perturbation methods in Flare V5: News features and enhancements

Duration: 45 minutes

Learn how Torx Make simplifies
the setup and delivery of synthesis targets by CRO teams, allowing you to manage the prioritization and assignment of compounds through secure sharing, communication, alerting and in-application reporting.


Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

June 16th: ‘Connecting ligand-based methods in Flare’ including an invited presentation from Bayer AG

June 17th: ‘Working at the edge of structure-based design’ including an invited presentation from Merck Healthcare KGaA


Duration: 45 minutes

In this webinar, we will introduce the new features available when designing and running FEP simulations within Flare V5 which aim to make the user experience easier and the calculations faster, allowing more molecules to be incorporated into a single drug discovery project.



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