Culture Biosciences joins MassBio

Feb 06, 2024

Helping MassBio members with DoEs needs for a rapid and robust bioprocess

Posted by Culture Biosciences

We are honored and proud to announce that Culture Biosciences has officially become a member of MassBio. This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in Culture Biosciences’ journey, and we are eager to support the MassBio community. At Culture Biosciences, we understand the critical importance of building a strong foundation for innovative biotherapeutic manufacturing processes at the earliest stages of process development. We focus on providing innovative services such as clone selection, media screening, process development, process optimization and viral vector production to the biotech community. Our cloud-connected on-demand bioreactors are designed to provide unprecedented flexibility, scalability and real-time data insights, enabling researchers to develop innovative bioprocesses and accelerate biotherapeutic development.

How Culture Biosciences’ capabilities help biotech and biopharma scientists and engineers:

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Culture Biosciences’ services leverage cloud-connected bioreactors capable of running complex Design of Experiments (DoE) on a range of technical modalities, allowing researchers to optimize their bioprocesses effortlessly. With scalable capacity, users can seamlessly adjust their experiments based on their specific project requirements.

  • Real-Time Data Insights: The integration of cloud-connected technology allows for continuous monitoring, data collection and real-time experimental analysis. Researchers in the MassBio community can access experimental insights, drive rapid decision-making and enable data modeling to accelerate the pace of process development.

  • Remote Accessibility: Culture Biosciences’ bioreactors are cloud-connected and accessible remotely, operating as an extended arm of your Process Development Team. Culture Biosciences’ services are valuable for collaborative projects ensuring that development progresses efficiently, transparently and is monitored in real-time, engaging remote Team members to effectively collaborate to advance projects. 

  • Cost-Efficiency: Leveraging cloud-connected and data science technologies, Culture Biosciences enables researchers to optimize resource utilization, minimize project costs and accelerate development timelines. Culture Biosciences’ service model allows for efficient budgeting and resource allocation, including deferring capital expenses and facility demands, aligning with the financial considerations of the MassBio community.

We look forward to collaborating with MassBio members and contributing to the dynamic ecosystem that defines the Massachusetts Life Sciences industry.

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