E-BOOK Commercialization vs. Launch—What You Need to Know

Apr 23, 2024

Plus, Why Commercialization Planning Needs to Start Long Before Launch Planning

Posted by Corval

Of all the misunderstandings that can result in a failed drug launch, one of the most common – and maybe the most tragically avoidable – is caused by a company thinking they embraced commercialization planning when really, they waited until it was time to plan for launch.

Equating a commercialization strategy as being strictly connected to the launch sets off a chain reaction of missed opportunities that end up robbing a product of its best chance at meeting the needs of patients and maximizing its potential value over its lifecycle.

Both commercialization planning and launch planning are key to your product’s market success and its ability to help patients. We explore each of these terms in our e-book, Commercialization vs. Launch—What You Need to Know.

Download our e-book and learn:

  • The difference between commercialization and launch planning
  • Which activities are included in each process—and when
  • Why commercialization planning needs to start long before launching planning and how it informs your asset strategy
  • Key factors to consider early on—and so much more!


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