Elegen Joins the MassBio Community!

Jan 15, 2024

Elegen brings NGS-verified, cell-free, linear DNA to the market with 1-week TAT, to alleviate DNA supply bottleneck

Posted by Elegen

We’re more excited than ever to join the MassBio community and meet new industry professionals! As a leader in DNA synthesis innovation, Elegen can help your lab accelerate workflows by delivering synthetic DNA with unprecedented speed, accuracy and length.

With the industry facing a critical bottleneck in DNA manufacturing, Elegen’s technology is enabling rapid progress for companies in the life science and pharmaceutical space.

Available for order from elegenbio.com, our linear, double-stranded DNA, up to 7kb, is shipped within 6-8 business days, NGS-verified, and ready for use without additional cloning or purification.

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Zack Graham, Account Director


C: 978-270-8681

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