Introducing Custom Learning Designs (CLD, Inc.)

Jan 19, 2024

Training That Moves Performance

Posted by Custom Learning Designs (CLD)

Custom Learning Designs (CLD, Inc.) is not just a sales training provider; we are a partner in the development and success of your commercial, global, and medical teams. Specializing in the life sciences sector, CLD offers tailored training that spans the full spectrum of the product lifecycle, critical stages like onboarding, pre-launch, launch/POAs, and post-launch/sustainability. We understand the importance of enhancing sales performance at each stage and are dedicated to helping your team achieve its best. CLD’s approach is centered on creating engaging and impactful training experiences, ensuring your teams are thoroughly prepared for their roles.


Our services are tailored to your unique training needs and focus on real-world application and learner engagement. CLD offers a variety of learning modalities, such as eLearning, microlearning, coaching, metrics, curriculum needs analysis, gamification, workshops, and more.

A strength of CLD’s service is our extensive therapeutic experience led by our medical writers and cultivated over 40 years in life sciences training. This vast experience enables us to effectively cater to diverse audiences within the life sciences sector, such as sales and commercial teams, medical teams, healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, nurses, market access professionals, marketing teams, and corporate leadership.


We work with pre-revenue to Fortune 100 companies. We are open to sharing their ideas, allowing you to benefit from our extensive experience in the life sciences sector. This open approach underlines our dedication to the broader goal of improving sales training and, ultimately, patient care. CLD is ready to present or propose ideas for projects of any scale, ensuring that your next training endeavor is effective and memorable.

To explore our services and resources in more detail, visit or schedule a 15-minute intro meeting here.  


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