Masy BioServices Has Increased Storage Capacities for COVID-19 Pandemic Solutions

Mar 23, 2021

Press Release

Posted by Masy BioServices

Masy BioServices has massively increased storage capacity for freezer, ultra-low freezer, and refrigerated spaces to house biopharmaceutical products such as vaccines and drugs at -80°C, -75°C, -20°C, and 5°C .  Masy is a leading solutions provider for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  Due to the pandemic, Masy forecasts a shortfall in housing vaccines and drugs at specific temperatures. Masy has -75°C, -20°C, and 5°C storage available to alleviate supply chain roadblocks, keep materials moving, and keep products on schedule.

“Our customers have been asking and we listened,” said John Masiello, Executive Vice President, Masy BioServices.  “We have built and outfitted our facilities in ways to help them store their drugs and vaccines that help save lives. We want to help facilitate an end to this pandemic.”

Masy BioServices has provided quality solutions to the life sciences community for over 35 years through an array of services including: calibration of primary standards and critical test equipment; validation and IQ/OQ/PQ of environmental chambers, autoclaves, and thermal warehouse mapping; and lab equipment rentals and sales. Masy has a premier cGMP biorepository, offering secure and tightly controlled temperature storage from -196˚C to 70˚C, including all ICH stability conditions, for a variety of materials including biopharmaceuticals, cell banks, tissues, compounds, vaccines, and medical devices.


Press Contact:

Kristine LeBlanc

Senior Marketing Manager

Masy BioServices

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