MIT Professional Education Extends Registration for Downstream Processing Course

Jun 26, 2019

Course takes place on the MIT Campus July 22-26, 2019. Register today before time runs out

Posted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Manufacturing sits on the critical path delivering science to the customer and patients. Over the past three decades, the downstream processing industry has matured to deliver new and important products for human health care, agriculture and industrial use.

Led by MIT Chemical Engineering Professor Charles L. Cooney, this intensive MIT Professional Education course will explore the fundamentals of downstream processing for the recovery of biological products produced in fermentation or cell culture.

This five day summer program focuses on core fundamentals of biological product recovery and provides exposure to new areas enabling participants to get up to date on cutting-edge and emerging technologies, such as advanced bio-analytics process validation and continuous manufacturing. The course aims to help participants design new downstream processes, assess the economics and improve existing ones.

The course is open to all industry professionals and interested individuals and is especially valuable to those engaged in process research and development and manage and innovate in the biochemical process industry. Paticipants learn to think more holistically about the technology development and how it fits into the processes they are working with. New knowledge and skills you can immediately be applied to improve processes and drive innovation.

The course takes place on the MIT Campus July 22-26, 2019. Register today before time runs out:    

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