Multi-Omics Biomarkers Discovery, Validation and Clinical Testing

Feb 26, 2023

Firalis, Your One-Stop-Shop for Biomarkers R&D in 2023!

Posted by Firalis Molecular Precision

Firalis Molecular Precision is a CRO providing
cutting-edge multi-omics (Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics) analytical
services to support academic institutes and biopharmaceutical companies in
their research, preclinical and clinical programs. Our one-stop-shop for
biomarkers discovery, validation, and assay development is driving the future
of care by enhancing the emergence of personalized medicine, with a strong
focus in Neurology, Cardiology and Immuno-Oncology. Working with FMP gives
access to an integrated platform with large capabilities for biobanking,
bioanalysis, bioinformatic, assay development and kit
manufacturing leading to an optimization of operational costs, risk
management and timelines in the best quality environment.


Our Multi-Omics approach


Transcriptomics: Whole RNA-Sequencing
(NovaSeq 6000Dx and NovaSeq X Plus), Single-Cell Sequencing (10X) and
Spatial Transcriptomics (MERSCOPE).

Proteomics: ultra-sensitive (Quanterix
SR-X/SP-X) and absolute quantification (Olink, ELLA, Luminex, MSD) to
high-throughput quantification (Olink Explore 3072) of proteins

Metabolomics: quantification of more than
400 lipids and metabolites via Mass Spectrometry.

Do not hesitate to contact
Sebastien Lange, our representative in Cambridge, for more information:

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