WittKieffer Joins Mass Bio

Nov 01, 2023


Posted by Witt/Kieffer Inc.

WittKieffer is thrilled to be a new member of MassBio. As trusted advisors, we build strong leadership teams and vibrant cultures that positively impact the quality of life.

Our life sciences practice synthesizes our historic strengths with a focus on the future.

Life sciences is a dynamic, ever-evolving industry where truly the art of the possible confronts the seemingly immutable laws of nature. Its leaders seek to change for the better the future of humanity — powering the next wave of medicines, treatments, and care. Innovators, explorers, and disruptors, today’s leaders are applying digital innovation, building new sciences, inventing new molecules, and discovering new treatment modalities. They must deftly navigate the challenges—and opportunities—to translate their groundbreaking research and discovery into safe and efficacious therapies, and then into market success.    

At WittKieer, we possess a unique, global perspective on this dynamic industry— one that’s further strengthened by our decades of leadership in healthcare delivery and education. Our life sciences team members naturally and purposefully collaborate with colleagues specializing in inter-related areas, such as academic medicine and health sciences, and are well-versed in the role of researchers, the translation of scientific discoveries to clinically proven therapies, and the commercialization and production of regulated medicines and devices. 

Whether placing a new CEO for an emerging biotech firm, fostering improved culture and competencies at a pharmaceutical company, or working with leaders in growth areas such as cell and gene therapy, we understand the fast pace of high growth cultures and transformative companies.  WittKieffer is well positioned to build the leadership teams who drive the discoveries, treatments, and technologies that will make our communities healthier and longer-lived. 

For more than 50 years, WittKieffer has been the premier search and leadership advisory firm improving quality of life through impactful leadership. We serve organizations operating exclusively at the intersection of healthcare, science and education —three monumental fields that defining quality of life globally. We help our clients advance their mission—and ours—by working together to shape impactful leadership teams.

As trusted advisors, we apply our knowledge to the strategic and operational factors influencing what clients need from—and for—leadership. We precisely tune our services to the needs of each client to deliver a suite of leadership consulting solutions: executive search, professional search, interim leadership and leadership advisory services.

You are on a mission. So are we. To connect with our team, please reach out to:

Morten Nielsen, Senior Partner, Life Sciences




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