Olink launches protein biomarker discovery on NGS

Jun 10, 2020

Product Launch

Posted by Olink Proteomics, Inc.

In our tireless efforts to enable the understanding of real-time human biology through accelerating proteomics, we are very proud to announce the groundbreaking developments that have enabled us to now launch Olink® Explore 1536:

– Added next-generation sequencing (NGS) as readout platform (Illumina® NovaSeq)
– Significantly increased performance in terms of multiplexing and throughput
– Rapidly expanded our library of proteins, which now totals 1 500, and will grow to 3 000 proteins next year, 4 500 in 2022 and continue to expand
– Achieved these dramatic improvements while maintaining the same robust, transparent and thorough validation of each assay as previously, generating reproducible and precise data you can trust

Olink Explore 1536 enables rapid measurement of 1472 human proteins in <3 µL of plasma or serum. These carefully selected proteins provide broad coverage of the low abundant plasma proteome, and this is just the first major step in the development of our planned NGS-based library. The power of the NGS platform combined with a semi-automated assay workflow enables unprecedented levels of throughput, with over 1.35 million protein measurements/week/system. Each thoroughly validated assay maintains the exceptional standards of specificity, sensitivity, precision and dynamic range that Olink users have come to expect from our well-established range of 96-plex biomarker panels with qPCR readout. Those panels have so far resulted in over 166 million protein data points measured and almost 400 peer-reviewed publications. Olink Explore 1536 now takes this to the next level. The new platform is currently available via fee-for-service at our Analysis Service labs in Uppsala, Sweden and Boston MA, USA, for human plasma or serum samples.

To get the full story and see what global thought-leaders Mathias Uhlén, Robert Gerszten and Steven Carr have to say about Olink Explore, please visit our new website www.olinkexplore.com.

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