On-Demand Webinar: Rare Diseases

Apr 11, 2023

Shaping Biopharma's Future from the Past

Posted by Corval

Rare Diseases

Shaping Biopharma’s Future from the Past

A provocative talk on how rare disease development and commercialization has evolved since the days Genzyme pioneered a new path in Gaucher.

Watch this Genzyme-veteran panel for an insightful and provocative discussion on what mistakes to avoid, what to get right early, and how to stand out from the ever-growing pack of competitors in rare disease drug development. 

What essential lessons have we learned, and what questions are we asking ourselves?

  • Will changes in the capital markets hamstring rare disease development?
  • Is the patient still coming first?
  • Has the macro environment changed how we advise companies?
Watch these industry experts address these questions and more.
  • Marnie Hoolahan (Moderator and Managing Director of The NemetzGroup) – Leader, Advisor, and Strategist to biopharma companies from preclinical through commercial 
  • Jim Geraghty – Biopharma Executive, Board Director, and Chair
  • Masako Nakamura – Global Biotech Executive 
  • Paula Soteropoulos – Biotech Executive, Life Sciences Entrepreneur, Board Director, Chairman, Former CEO 



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