Oxford University Statistical Consultancy Director joins PHASTAR as the Head of Statistical Research

Aug 21, 2019

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and LONDON, August 2019 — PHASTAR, a global CRO, announced today that Jennifer Rogers, PhD, has been appointed  Head of Statistical Research. Professor Rogers brings to PHASTAR a broad portfolio of achievement, particularly in the development of clinical trial methodologies.  Her areas of expertise include survival analysis, the analysis of recurrent events and joint modeling strategies that combine the two focus areas.

In her new role at PHASTAR, Professor Rogers will direct the statistical research strategy helping the company stay at the cutting edge of new methodological advances. She will also grow the company’s statistical consultancy offerings providing technical leadership, guidance and direction to the group.  Additionally, Professor Rogers will provide leadership and advice to current and potential customers, with a focus on biotech and pharma companies. She will continue giving conference presentations, talking all things statistics in schools, theaters, and representing the statistical community on television and radio. 

“We are extremely pleased to have someone with Professor Rogers' credentials heading up our statistical research group, demonstrating PHASTAR’s commitment to statistical excellence,” said Kevin Kane, CEO and Founder of PHASTAR.  “She is highly regarded and a recognized expert in the field of clinical trial strategies in addition to having an enviable academic record, including being named as an Associate Professor in Statistics at Oxford University in January 2019.”  

Professor Rogers began her academic career at Lancaster University where she earned her BSc and MSc before moving to the University of Warwick to complete her PhD.  After completing her PhD, she moved to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a Research Fellow and then Lecturer.  In 2013, she was awarded a NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship for her project, “Analysis of Recurrent Events in Clinical Trials” and during this time moved on to the University of Oxford.  At Oxford she was named to a newly created role of Director of Statistical Consultancy Services and was responsible for creating and leading a new consultancy unit within the Department of Statistics.  This unit focused on clinical trials consultancy advising on trial design, choice of primary outcome, preparation of SAPs, data analysis and IDMC and steering committee work.  Professor Rogers was made an Associate Professor in Statistics in January this year. 

In addition to her academic credentials, Professor Rogers is an active member of the Royal Statistical Society, currently sitting on the RSS Council and being the Society’s Vice President for External Affairs.  She was also appointed President of the British Science Association Mathematical Sciences Section for 2018, giving a keynote speech at the British Science Festival, and was the London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer for 2018.


PHASTAR is a global CRO offering statistical consulting, clinical trial reporting, data management and data science services by providing expert consultants and managing and delivering in-house projects, FSP style arrangements and preferred partnerships. PHASTAR currently has over 250 staff across 10 offices (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Kenya) with plans to open additional locations in Asia and the West Coast of the United States to serve prospective and existing clients. PHASTAR’s number one priority is to ensure that the work we produce is of the highest quality. Every project PHASTAR undertakes utilizes our unique internal processes which are designed to ensure optimal quality.  All PHASTAR’s statistical, programming, data management and data science staff are trained in the “PHASTAR Discipline” – our in-house approach to data analysis and collection. This comprises a set of common sense (but commonly ignored) principles that, if followed, guarantee error free outcomes. The “PHASTAR Discipline” also includes a series of intranet-based checklists highlighting potential pitfalls and points-to-consider when conducting clinical trials, enabling over 2,500 years of combined technical knowledge to be shared across the company.  For further information on PHASTAR contact tellmemore@phastar.com.

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