Prendio Announces Newly Released Features

Mar 06, 2024

Posted by Prendio LLC

Prendio is starting off the year strong! We are excited to share our newly released features in Prendio: 


feature 1

Scan Upload Email 

Invoices and packing slips can be sent to a unique company email address (found in either Receiver Tab -> Scan section or on the Accounts Payable tab) and they will automatically be uploaded to the Scan Match section, eliminating the need to log into Prendio to upload them.  Reducing the number of times clients need to log into Prendio to manually upload Invoices and Packing Slips will give that time back to performing more critical work tasks.  This can be especially helpful to labs that have a scanner with e-mail capabilities. 

Feature 2

Import Users 

Prendio users with the Admin role have the ability to bulk import or update users by uploading a .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file.  The uploaded data will replace and override current data for any users already in the system, and add any new users not found.  The ability to import users and make bulk changes will save client admins countless clicks any time user details such as roles, spend limits, or Personal Approval Paths need to be updated. 

features 3

Flexible Segment Approvers 

Allows the flexibility to have more than one Approver per Segment.  This also enables Prendio clients to run all Approvals through a Department, or Segment based, path.  Thus, completely removing the need to set up Personal Approval Paths for every member of a company.  This allows Prendio to accommodate more complex Approval setups and take on larger clients who had previously been unable to sign on with us due to our more rigid Approvals rules of the past. 

feature 4

Multi-Company Reports on the Analysis Tab      

For BioProcure and Service Provider users, we have added a Multi-Company filter to the following reports on the Analysis Tab: Purchase Order Audit, Requisitions, Scan Upload History, and User Audit.  Enhancing these reports to allow users to select one, or many, companies from a filter menu offers a more robust user experience with added flexibility to report across companies and drill down to pertinent data. 

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