Slowey McManus Announces Communications Accelerator Program for Emerging Life Sciences Companies

Sep 20, 2023

Posted by Slowey McManus Communications

Slowey McManus Announces
Communications Accelerator Program
for Emerging Life Science Companies


BOSTON – September 20, 2023 – Slowey McManus Communications (SMC) today
announced the launch of the Communications Accelerator program for emerging life
sciences companies. The program gives young, growing life science companies a
concentrated group of services to prepare them to come out of stealth or semi-stealth
mode and introduce themselves to the public, with an emphasis on reaching target
audiences: investors, partners, and scientific talent.

Many life science startups stumble as they emerge from stealth, as they have been
solely focused on raising money and making scientific progress. Without an integrated
communications program, they miss the opportunity to communicate effectively to the
right audiences. With the strategic advantages of the Communications Accelerator,
these firms are able to make a splash, boosting their ability to raise funds, establish
partnerships, and attract the next wave of employees.

The elements of the Communications Accelerator give these companies an advantage
in a crowded market with intense competition for attention, funding and talent. SMC
provides these startups and young firms with the tools these need to stand out:
sophisticated and consistent visual identity, social media presence, and a media plan to
take advantage of their upcoming scientific and financial milestones.

Founders and executives often lack the communications skills to make the most of their
initial public exposure. They’ve been focused on company building. The
Communications Accelerator gives key executives the training to master interviews,
attract KOLs, and communicate their vision beyond the lab. Messaging workshops in
the program hone a company’s outward-facing appearance to cut through the clutter.

Executives become confident spokespersons able to share a clear picture of what their
firm is doing and why it matters.

SMC has helped numerous biopharma, medical device, and health tech companies
develop comprehensive strategic communications programs. Clients have succeeded
by presenting a compelling narrative about their technology and their short-and
long-term goals.

The Communications Accelerator program is led by SMC Senior Vice President Jeffrey
Krasner, former biotech reporter for
The Boston Globe. A longtime leader in life
sciences communications, Krasner previously helped launch numerous companies out
of Flagship Pioneering’s famed VentureLabs. He was also a reporter for
The Wall Street

“We’ve created a comprehensive and cost-effective communications program that
enables busy executives to implement a communications plan to launch their firms into
the next phase of growth,” said Krasner. “With so many startups in the life sciences
sector, it’s hard to stand out and be recognized for novel approaches and breakthrough
science. Our program helps these firms tell their stories to the audiences that matter.”

The Life Sciences Communications Accelerator launch comes as many companies are
preparing for the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference and BIO Partnering Week, which
begins January 8, 2024, in San Francisco. The high-profile forum brings together
emerging company executives and industry analysts who evaluate their market
potential. SMC offers several training programs to help companies get the most out of

The program is available in three tiers – silver, gold and platinum – that run for 30, 45
and 60 days and include a variety of written and graphic design elements that provide
budgeting flexibility.

For more information, contact Senior Vice President Jeffrey Krasner, at or call him at 617-840-9806.


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