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Feb 23, 2023

An interview with Hannah Oman, Senior Sales Manager of MassBioHub

Commonwealth Café | MassBio Diversity Equity & Inclusion Conference. (Photo by John Wilcox)

We sat down with Hannah Oman, Senior Sales Manager for the MassBioHub, to learn more about what the Hub offers to members for their event and meeting needs.

Tell me in just a few sentences what members should know about the Hub?

The Hub is an additional benefit to MassBio membership. We built the space with the hope that our members will utilize it in any way that they see fit. We can accommodate groups of two people up to 160 and we can adapt the space into multiple configurations. Our current packages are 25 to 40 percent lower than current market rates and they provide clear, transparent, and all-inclusive pricing. Not only does a package include room rental costs, standard audio and visual technology, but it will also include your chosen food and beverage. With many rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, we can easily and seamlessly accommodate hybrid events.

Cambridge Room | Patient Advocacy Summit at the MassBioHub. (Photo by John Wilcox)

Can you talk more about the spaces themselves?

We have our Boston Room which is the most private space in the Hub that can fit up to 38 people in a U-shape style setup and is primarily used for board meetings due to its privacy capabilities. We can shut the doors on both ends and make it only accessible through badge access. The largest room in the Hub is the Cambridge Room—the entirety of the space can fit up to 160 in a theater style set up, but it can also be split into four smaller sections as needed. One of the great features of the Cambridge Room is that when you’re using the entire space, there are no obstructed views. With large groups, whatever is on one screen can be mirrored to the others so everyone feels involved in the conversation. On the other end of the spectrum are the huddle rooms that can fit up to five people each. They’re standard small spaces, great for interviews and remote office use. All rooms also boast lots of natural light.

Boston Room | MassBioHub

I know you touched on this a little, but what are the amenities and the services that members can expect when they rent space?

The gateway to the Hub is our Commonwealth Café. This area is available to members when they’re renting any Hub space. If someone needs to step out and do some individual work, they’re able to use the available seating or the fully soundproof phone booths that are available for private calls on a first come, first served basis. Some of the additional amenities in the café area include complimentary coffee, tea, water, and snacks. We do offer courtesy Wi-Fi with an option to upgrade to a secure dedicated network if it’s a private meeting. Most importantly, Hub rentals come with a dedicated events manager that handles all logistics prior to your event and who will be with you the day of the event, available to assist with everything from AV to catering.

Tell me a little more about the catering that’s available.

We offer full or half day catering packages. The full day package includes breakfast, lunch and two breaks, while the half day includes breakfast or lunch and a single break. All of our catering is done through our preferred vendor, Sebastians Catering. We provide menu options, the member makes their selections, we place the order, and we have it all set up the day of the event.

Catering in the Commonwealth Café | St. Patrick’s Day mixer at MassBio. (Photo by John Wilcox)

What is your favorite feature of the Hub that you want members to know about?

I think the most important thing is the location. It’s located in the heart of Kendall Square, but it’s also in the middle of the hub for the life sciences industry. This proximately allows members to not only collaborate with their teams, but also allows for the convenience to collaborate with other member companies through networking and by inviting MassBio members to attend presentations. It’s also important to note that the modern aesthetic and the natural light that the Hub offers makes for an ideal location for a full day meeting. It’s floor to ceiling windows, state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seating—it’s different than what you would find at a hotel or another Conference Center in the area.

Midnight Brunch providing video production and livestreaming

Could you do a deeper dive into the technology that the Hub is outfitted with or that is available?

Each room has a screen and projector. Most of the rooms in the Hub have the video conferencing capabilities, so we can accommodate either Zoom or Teams. We also offer microphones, slide advancer, all the hookups to get presentations on the screens, and we handle all the tech support as well. Services through our vendor Midnight Brunch are also available for an additional cost if a member wants more enhanced and interactive experience like a recording or live streaming.

To help Members envision what can be done at the Hub, could you tell me about some of the events and meetings that Members have held in the Hub recently?

I’d say the most common meetings that we’re having are board meetings just based on the proximity of the Hub to MassBio’s member companies. We are also seeing company off sites and town halls; receptions are very popular; and award ceremonies are becoming more popular as well. We just hosted a 140-person award ceremony. Our huddle rooms are definitely a staple for interviews and off-site offices.

How does a member get started with booking out a space at the Hub?

Members have a couple of options. They can e-mail me directly or reach me at my phone number: 617-999-3371. And they also have the option to submit an inquiry form through the MassBio website under the Conference Center tab.

Cambridge Room | NEHI’s 2023 Innovators in Health Awards

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