Jun 20, 2017

Today, at the 2017 BIO International Convention in San Diego, MassBio and BIOQuébec signed a memorandum of cooperation. This agreement aims to facilitate business ties between their respective members and support initiatives of both Québec and Massachusetts based biotechs and contract research organizations.

Over the medium and long- term, this agreement could make it easier for American companies to invest in Québec, and for Québec companies to obtain financing from the Boston area. Collectively, this would help advance the research and marketing of new drugs, treatments, or diagnostics and preventive tools being performed in Québec.

MassBio sees this agreement as an opportunity to advance the development of new cures and treatments. As Bob Coughlin recently said:  “Disease doesn’t recognize boundaries and neither should our industry when researching and developing new, breakthrough cures and treatments. This partnership ensures that the best resources from Massachusetts and Quebec are being shared to produce the best outcomes for patients across the world. It’s our responsibility as an industry to work together and get better results collectively. The source of a treatment is unimportant: our focus is on the result and the patient.”

We look forward to working with BIOQuébec to make this agreement fruitful for both sides and all of the members companies we represent.


About BIOQuébec

BIOQuébec, Québec’s biotechnology and life sciences network, is committed to supporting the growth of Québec’s biotechnology and life sciences industry. Founded in 1991, this NPC focuses on providing governmental representation, business development opportunities, and partnerships to allow its members to reduce their operating costs. For more information, go to

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