BioSpace: Bioversity Program Preps Grads for Early-Career Life Science Roles

Apr 19, 2024

By Angela Gabriel, Content Manager, Life Sciences Careers, BioSpace

Bioversity students work on group project
Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Taylor Lopez, Aaron Onyango, Christina Jones and Luis Toribio work on a group project to determine the density of different solutions/Ian MacLellan for Bioversity

The following is an excerpt of an article originally published by BioSpace on April 18, 2024:

Josiah Wade-Green has always been interested in learning and enjoys hands-on work, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he thrived in the first Bioversity workforce training program, Biotech Career Foundations. Launched in January for Massachusetts residents 18 and up who have high school degrees or GEDs, the program prepares participants like Wade-Green for life sciences careers. He started his quickly.  

On Feb. 29, Wade-Green graduated from the program, which is located at the 4,000-square-foot Bioversity at Southline Boston training center. Less than a month later, the 24-year-old left his job as a Game on Fenway security guard to become a logistics technician at Abcam, a global life science company whose products are used by scientists worldwide.  

In an interview with BioSpace, Wade-Green shared positive feedback about Bioversity. He said the nonprofit taught him about life sciences, helped him enhance his soft skills and showed him how many paths there are to a biotechnology career. 

“It’s not all about being in the science lab,” he said. “You can find your lane in shipping. You can find your lane in procurement. There’s so many avenues to go within biotechnology.” 

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