Making a positive impact in society: A Q&A with Ferrer

Oct 25, 2022

An interview with Oscar Pérez, Chief Marketing, Market Access and Business Development Officer at Ferrer

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What is Ferrer’s approach to innovation? 

To support Ferrer’s purpose of making a positive impact in society, we aim to develop and deliver transformative therapeutic solutions for people living with severe and debilitating diseases.  

We consider innovation an inherent part of our pharmaceutical development, and we have always upheld our commitment to searching for and developing new treatment alternatives aimed at addressing unmet medical needs in order to improve the patients’ quality of life and creating value for physicians, health systems and society at large. 

Why is Ferrer’s working with MassBio to support emerging companies?  

At Ferrer, we stand for positive change, a new way of doing business, and a new way of approaching the world. And we want to work with others who stand for good, too. We do this by investing in like-minded partners. And good comes from deep within our business, in all that we do. But making a positive impact on people’s lives is one thing and having the means to do it is another. The barriers to progress are real. But with the right strategic partnership, these barriers can be overcome. That’s where Ferrer comes in.  

Ferrer can provide emerging companies with the support they need to be remarkable and do remarkable work that transforms people’s lives, as well as opening up a global gatewayto reliable international markets. 

At Ferrer, we: 

  • put your product first through a long-term commitment. 
  • support with licensing and long-lasting collaborations. 
  • provide certified manufacturing plants. 
  • provide resources for developing, producing and marketing new innovations, products and technologies. 
  • share our commercial, regulatory and marketing expertise in the European markets and beyond. 
  • have a proven track record of partnering with high-impact companies. 

Which therapeutic or R&D areas does Ferrer want to partner on? What types of companies or innovators does Ferrer want to partner with?

In our aim to provide significant differential value to people suffering from serious illnesses, we have defined a clear global strategy for developing a portfolio of innovative products capable of transforming the lives of patients suffering from serious and debilitating diseases.  

As a result of the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in diseases such as pulmonary arterial hypertension, interstitial lung diseases and cognitive impairment, we are directing our efforts to developing products in two main therapeutic areas: pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases and neurological disorders.  

Both areas include rare or low-prevalence diseases that are often lacking in appropriate or authorized treatments. Accordingly, Ferrer’s commitment to the research and development of treatments in these areas is crucial for improving the lives of people affected, as well as for efficiently managing healthcare resources. 

We are looking to partner up with: 

  • Innovators (NCAA) 
  • Capital seekers 
  • Companies lacking commercialization ability 

We are interested in products that are: 

  • Managed by medical specialists in a hospital setting 
  • Target low prevalent and rare diseases 
  • In late-stage clinical development or the pre commercial stage 

How will Ferrer help emerging companies grow their businesses? 

At Ferrer we: 

  • Offer transformative solutions that have a measurable impact on patients’ lives. 
  • Ensure that our partners’ products remain a priority and have profound therapeutic effects through long term commitments. 
  • Work with our patients, designing studies that consider not only the disorder or disease, but the social impact on the lives of families and caregivers. 
  • Have a significant footprint in Europe, including commercial, regulatory and marketing expertise. 


Oscar Pérez, Chief Marketing, Market Access and Business Development Officer at Ferrer 

Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, EMBA from ESADE and AMP from IESE. Óscar teaches and mentors entrepreneurship at ESADE, UPF and CESIF. After 18 years in various global and regional commercial executive positions at biopharmaceutical companies Amgen and Celgene, he joined Ferrer in 2018 to lead the creation of a global strategy department. He currently has responsibility for the corporate departments of Marketing, Pricing and Market Access, Business Analysis Multichannel Strategy and Business Development. 

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