MassBio’s Executive Leadership Statement on Gun Violence and the Need for Real Policy Change

May 31, 2022

The horrific events we’ve seen over the past few weeks continue to show us that prayers and condolences don’t create change. Policymakers must act now to save lives by enacting smart, evidenced-based gun control measures and the business community must stand lockstep behind them. We cannot afford to wait around for another tragedy or another life to be taken.

A fourth-grade classroom should be a place that inspires curiosity, nurtures young minds, and teaches foundational lessons for our future leaders. It’s inexcusable to idly accept that 19 bright young lights, and two dedicated adults, were extinguished in a horrific way in such a sacred place.

Sadly, but not surprising, the racially motivated shooting in Buffalo less than two weeks prior have already faded from news coverage. The murder of those ten individuals has communities of color across the country fearful of activities as mundane as grocery shopping.

Additionally, we must recognize the need to do better to prevent gun-related tragedies in communities across Massachusetts that have become too familiar.

It is too easy for us to assume that nothing will ever change, but complacency is not an answer. We should be treating this issue with the urgency of the pandemic that it is and bringing every resource necessary to finding immediate and lasting solutions. Our goal as an organization and as an industry is to improve the health of people and their communities. We support a future where children are safe in their classrooms and every community feels safe going about their lives. Our hearts go out to Uvalde and Buffalo, and to our neighbors across Massachusetts that struggle with gun violence too often.

Joe Boncore, CEO
Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President & COO

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