RevHR: The Value of HR Outsourcing

Jan 09, 2023

MassBioEdge Preferred Partner: RevHR: Enhanced Benefits for Life Sciences

MassBio is excited to offer our support to RevHR: Enhanced Benefits for Life Sciences, as a Preferred Partner because we are confident it will result in significant improvements to the overall employer and employee experiences. Powered by industry leaders, Marsh McLennan Agency and AlphaStaff, RevHR, an HR administration outsourcing program, was created specifically for the Commonwealth’s life sciences companies.

Why it matters: RevHR fills a gap in the New England market for life sciences companies by delivering access to best-in-class employee benefits (most often with richer features at a lower cost) while streamlining a catalog of administrative HR functions. In this job market, companies need every advantage they can acquire to recruit and retain talent, and RevHR can be that gamechanger for MassBio’s members.

Show me the details: RevHR offers HR administration outsourcing for fast-growing and emerging life sciences companies, including the following services:

  • Employee benefits packages
    • Fully integrated payroll & 401K management
    • Multi-state compliance support
    • Single Sign-On HR Platform
    • Competitive Workers Compensation & Liability options

Read more: For more in-depth information on HR Outsourcing and details on Co-employment, please click here to visit the RevHR website and read the blog on Top 7 Benefits of RevHR that Can Save You Money

Learn from the experts: Curious about what is offered and if it’s the right fit for your company? Have questions you want someone to answer live? Join MMA and AlphaStaff for a webinar on Wednesday, January 18th, at Noon.

What they’re saying:

  • MassBio President & CEO Kendalle Burlin O’Connell: “Since we announced RevHR as a Preferred Partner the response has been excellent from our members who have been waiting for a solution like this. When a product is built exclusively for life sciences companies, you know it will check all the boxes. Equipping our members with the resources to streamline their operations, support their employees, and concentrate on their research is why we exist as an organization.”
  • AlphaStaff Client Testimonial from a Biotech CEO: “AlphaStaff’s offerings are combined into one package; it’s a one-stop-shop. Instead of me having to reach out separately to the insurance or retirement plan administrators and trying to connect them to our HR provider, AlphaStaff offers me a more efficient solution. I have a good impression of the professionalism of the team, and I am confident I can always get good service from AlphaStaff.”

As a reminder: Through MassBioEdge, members gain access to industry-leading providers and best in class benefit plans. This is achieved by aggregating the purchasing power of the 1,600+ member companies within MassBio, allowing members to have a strong presence in the marketplace and benefit from competitive discounts, preferred terms and conditions, and premier customer service, saving them more than $250 million each year.

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