Well Hello Massachusetts

Oct 26, 2021

Ross Marshall, Senior Director of DEI Advisory

It’s been a while since I’ve called New England home, but the stars aligned to guide me to the Bay State.  While away I fought windmills, built bridges, and created communities of belonging around the world.   

I’ve made the best of the time away.  I’ve built a career around my life’s passion of creating cultures of belonging.  I didn’t set-off in the world to be the change but rather found my calling along the way.   

Landing on the sunny shores of Los Angeles I built a career in film and TV.  As a Production Manager on over 70 movies and TV shows I became adept at creating frameworks and business processes that drove diversity behind the camera.  Opening opportunity to build skills and networks for under-represented people became my passion. It also became my specialty to connect productions with URP in the industry. 

As my life work started to take direction, I transitioned from Production Management into consulting organizations full time. My work focused on things like working with production companies and start-ups on building diversity within their organization to developing scalable framework’s that grow as the organization grows. 

Shortly after moving to the New York metro area, I started a new chapter in my career at KPMG. KPMG was focused on scale and also creating insights into how companies create culture. This spurred me to create a business case for a global DEI program within KPMG. 

In time I was able to design a global DEI strategy that uses the lens of diversity to examine all lines of business. Agile frameworks that work globally with local relevance and nuance.   

My work there was fulfilling and helped expand my view of what DEI means and the tools necessary to get there. One area that caught my attention was the emergence of data and analytics in marketing and product development. With this insight, I along with two partners formed our own DEI consulting practice: DEI Partners. DEI Partners used the power of an organization’s big data to devise a strategic DEI strategy for that organization with KPIs and measurable results as the baseline tool. In addition to synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data into actionable insights for our clients, we integrated digital platforms that revolutionized the way organizations build equity and measure inclusion. 

I’ve spent years building agile frameworks for companies to be more inclusive and successful. I’ve harnessed the power of analytics to empower a smarter, data driven DEI strategy for organizations. Now it’s time to bring that experience to the biotech industry. In fact, biotech and DEI are perfectly suited because both are about innovation.  

Now that I’ve joined the MassBio team I’m ready to get to work creating equitable systems for our membership. From metrics with actionable insights to agile frameworks that create equitable outcomes, I’m back to make an impact.    This is my life’s work, and the work lives on at MassBio.

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