Accelerate Your Expansion Into the United States

May 20, 2022


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Key Insights 

  • Foreign parent companies entering the U.S. market may find the regulatory environment more challenging than their home country.
  • Professional consultants work with you to develop a strategic approach to global growth and can help you avoid fines and increase efficiency.
  • From workforce concerns and regulatory changes to cybersecurity and operations — seek help to prioritize and focus your expansion plans before you make your move.

The United States continues to welcome companies and investors from countries around the world, with opportunities in every state and industry. But global business leaders seeking to expand their operations into this country often find the process complex and time-consuming.

Whether setting up a U.S. subsidiary or pursuing growth and expansion, consider working with a professional outsourcing team, like CLA, to guide and expedite the process. This can help you develop a detailed roadmap for entity formation, tax incentives, regulatory compliance, human resources and staffing, banking, cybersecurity, legal, and more.

For example, you may choose to outsource all or a portion of your organization’s accounting and payroll services. Look for a process that allows you to customize financial reporting for ease of consolidation. You can also leverage interim controller-level, CFO-level, and full back-office support to help mitigate risk, overcome challenges, and meet deadlines. Having a single resource connected to a network across the country can streamline the setup process and help create a scalable service plan to assist with ongoing operations.

When focusing on global growth, align your organization with advisors who understand your business, your industry, and the U.S. market. U.S. regulations require specific compliance for global businesses, and failure to comply can result in significant fines. Surrounding yourself with industry professionals who offer meaningful insights and market knowledge can help you make beneficial decisions throughout the life of your company.

You may be surprised how much a strategic approach can help you leverage opportunities — from meeting employment challenges and developing a sound cybersecurity plan to interpreting U.S. treaties and determining economic nexus. When entering the U.S. market, be proactively mindful of employment laws, registration requirements, and tax regulations — understanding your options in advance can enable sound tactics and increase efficiency. Choose a team of professionals that can come alongside you and your management team to provide actionable guidance that helps meet expectations and achieve desired outcomes.

How CLA can help

CLA’s global advisory and outsourcing team encompasses a diverse skill set to support you at any part of your journey. We can provide a complete picture of your operational and tax situation to help you streamline expansion and make sound management decisions. Our deep understanding of global laws, regulations, culture, and business practices helps businesses from around the world make connections in the U.S. market.

Simplify complex issues and make your U.S. expansion a smooth one. Talk to an advisor !


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