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Jan 31, 2020

An Interview with Gigi Hirsch, MD

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NEWDIGS is an exciting and innovative approach to developing solutions for systemwide impediments to biomedical innovation and patient care. The noncompetitive, collaborative environment encourages novel and fresh ideas and interactions to truly move the industry forward in positive ways. Evidera is currently participating along with other experts from across the healthcare spectrum in the new Learning Ecosystems Accelerator for Patient-Centered, Sustainable Innovation (LEAPS) project, which is designing and piloting an ecosystem for purpose driven evidence generation and integration focused on a critical disease area (including both real-world evidence and data from randomized controlled trials).

Dr. Debra Schaumberg, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Real-World Evidence at Evidera recently sat down with Dr. Hirsch to discuss the NEWDIGS initiative, the LEAPS project, and the hope for transformation of the healthcare ecosystem. Click here to read the full interview.

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