Flexible software and consulting solutions for academics

Nov 02, 2022

Posted by Cresset

We are proud to support students and academic researchers at all stages of their careers, by providing flexible licensing options for molecular modeling software and tailored consulting. Below we outline the solutions available to academics.

For Masters and PhD students

If you’re enrolled in a defined degree course and would like to apply Cresset solutions to your research, you can apply for a free student license that gives you access to:

  • Spark™, our scaffold-hopping and R-group replacement tool that enables you to find highly innovative, biologically equivalent new molecules for your project.
  • Flare™ Designer, a streamlined version of the comprehensive Flare ligand-based and structure-based design platform.

Find new ideas for your research project with Spark

Figure 1. Find innovative, biologically equivalent new ideas for your research project using Spark.

For academic research

We offer dedicated licensing options for academics interested in using Flare to accelerate their research. With Flare for Academics, you will receive a commercial standard computational chemistry framework for your research, that enables you to visualize structures, understand protein-ligand interactions, carry out protein-ligand docking and more.

In addition to Masters and PhD students, others working within an academic institute can benefit from the exciting science and features in this licensing level of Flare, including Postdoctoral researchers and PIs. See if you’re eligible for Flare for Academics.

Extend and customize Flare to suit your needs

For those looking to develop cutting-edge scientific methods, the Flare Python API enables you to automate tasks and customize the Flare interface with dedicated menus and new functionality. Don’t worry if you’re not a Python expert – our Flare Python Cookbook provides a fast-track and user-friendly path for novice and non-expert users, so that you can familiarize yourself with writing scripts and take advantage of the extended Flare functionality. Furthermore, Flare gives you access to the extensive methods in the RDKit™ cheminformatics toolkit.

Use the Flare Python Cookbook to take advantage of extended functionality in Flare

Figure 2. Flare for Academics includes access to the Flare Python Cookbook, so that even novice and non-expert Python users can take advantage of Flare’s extended functionality.

For lecturers

Delivering 3D computational modeling in an intuitive interface can accelerate student’s understanding of complex science quickly and effectively. The Cresset teaching license for Spark and Flare Designer is available to any tutor leading a defined degree course.

Create high-resolution graphics for publications for free

We understand the need to produce quality graphics for publications and communication of results. That’s why we offer Flare Visualizer for free download. Flare Visualizer uses Cresset’s powerful descriptors of electrostatics to visualize key ligand-protein interactions and create stunning 3D images.

Create stunning 3D graphics of ligands and proteins in Flare Visualizer

Figure 3. Visualize and create stunning graphics of your ligands and proteins using Flare Visualizer.

Enhance your research with insight from expert molecular modelers

If you’d like hands-on support with the computational chemistry aspect of your research, Cresset  Discovery’s team of CADD scientists can help you remove project bottlenecks, spark new ideas and save you time and money.

With knowledge and experience across computational and medicinal chemistry they have collaborated with many academic institutions globally. Some of our success stories have been published as case studies and academic papers.

You don’t need to wait until you have funding to talk to us about working together, as our team can support you in writing successful grant applications.

Find out more about the Cresset academic offering

If you’d like to find out more, contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion.

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