HalioDx and Kite, a Gilead company, to extend strategic collaboration beyond Lymphoma

Dec 06, 2019

Kite to Leverage HalioDx’s Immunoscore® Solutions to Understand Tumor Microenvironment and Guide Cancer Cell Therapies Development

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Marseille, France, November 19, 2019 – HalioDx, the immuno-oncology diagnostic company today announced an extended strategic collaboration with Kite, a Gilead company, a world leader in CAR-T cell therapy.
Fruit of a first productive partnership between the two companies, this extended Strategic Collaboration aims at developing and validating immune-based biomarkers for Kite’s investigational therapies. The collaboration structure covers multiple blood cancer and solid tumor indications and relies on the Immunoscore® platform. The collaboration also includes the Immunogram by HalioDx, a “360°” approach based on the understanding and the analysis of the immune microenvironment of tumors providing a personalized and dynamic “fingerprint” of tumor-immune system interaction, and the Cancer Immune Atlas which produces, in a selected indication, statistically and biologically significant conclusions from large data sets of multiple biomarkers.

“We look forward to strengthen our collaboration with Kite. We feel confident that this extended partnership will allow both companies to scale up our respective immune biomarker approach and expand from DLBCL (Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma) to other tumor types” said Vincent Fert, CEO of HalioDx.
“The two teams have been working closely since 2016 with some tangible results presented at AACR and ASCO outlining potential predictive value of Immunoscore® and Immunosign® within ZUMA 1 clinical trial” said Corinne Danan, EVP Pharma Business Unit of HalioDx. “Our first studies have highlighted the relevance of the HalioDx’s multimodal Immunogram approach. Our extended collaboration will enable us to further validate these data but also to expand the benefits of this approach beyond blood cancers”.
Financial details on the agreement with Kite are not disclosed.

About Immunoscore®
Immunoscore® is a unique family of immune-based tests ranging from full IVD such as Immunoscore® for colon cancer, fulfilling the most stringent regulation such as CE IVD conformity and CLIA certification, to Immunoscore® for Clinical Research suite of tests applicable to clinical investigations. It includes proprietary multiplexed immunohistochemistry, advanced image analysis and spatially resolved capabilities. By precisely quantifying immune cell infiltration in and around the tumor, Immunoscore® has already proven its superior prognostic value than the usual tumor risk parameters notably in colon cancer. Today, Immunoscore® is investigated in a broad number of studies for establishing its performances as predictive factor for response to cancer drugs, including immunotherapies.

About HalioDx
The Immune Response to Cancer Diagnostics
HalioDx is an immuno-oncology diagnostic company providing oncologists and Biopharma with first-in-class Immune-based diagnostic products and services to guide cancer care and contribute to precision medicine in the era of immuno-oncology and combination therapies. Immunoscore® proprietary technology, pioneered by Jérôme Galon at the Cordeliers Research Center, Paris, France, integrates immunohistochemistry combined with sophisticated algorithm and advanced imaging analysis enabling extraction of spatially organized tissue molecular information. Immunoscore® is a platform for many cancers, as immune response to tumor is a key hallmark of disease progression. HalioDx collaborates with renowned international clinical groups to support clinical utility and ensure rigorous performance validation of its assays in selected cancer indications.
HalioDx has an experienced team of more than 165 employees, CLIA-certified laboratories and compliant facilities in Europe and in the US to develop, manufacture, register and market in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. HalioDx executes biomarker studies and companion diagnostic assay development in conformity with regulations and in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies. The company co-founded the European immunology cluster Marseille Immunopôle (MI).

For more information, please visit our websites www.haliodx.com and www.immunoscore-colon.com and follow
the company on Twitter @HalioDx and Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/haliodx/.

HalioDx® and Immunoscore® are registered trademarks of HalioDx.



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