Thought Leadership Webinar with Roche – March 18, 2021

Mar 08, 2021

in vivo gene therapy - Applications and future needs for proteomic tools

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PreOmics Thought Leadership Webinar with Roche


March 18, 2021

11am EDT / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET


Listen to Dr. Markus Haindl from Roche outline the challenges of working with ATMPs (advanced therapy medicinal products). Delivery of in vivo gene therapies uses ATMPs based on viral vectors, these highly complex biomolecules consist of a capsid and a nuclei acid payload. Both the manufacturing and the mode of action of these ATMP is highly complex and not well understood. Proteomic tools are potentially very powerful for improving the knowledge of the basic biologic processes involved in the clinical outcomes and also to support manufacturing. After the presentation there is a panel Q&A session with Markus, Dr. Garwin Pichler from PreOmics and Dr. Philipp Geyer from OmicEra Diagnostics.


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