Crown Uniform & Linen Service Launders 1,600 Pounds of Donated Bedding

Jul 08, 2021

Donations collected as college students depart campus will benefit newly housed neighbors via Household Goods

This article originally appeared as a Life Science Cares Service Spotlight

In another display of what’s possible when the life science industry unites to give back, hundreds of families and individuals in need will receive professionally laundered bedsheets this year. This is thanks to a unique collaboration between Life Science CaresCrown Uniform & Linen ServiceHousehold Goods, and MassBio.

Every year for the past 11 years Household Goods has worked with Boston College to pick up household items donated by students who are graduating or departing for the summer. These items, such as microwaves, lamps, coffee makers, vacuums, etc., are a great resource for Household Goods to subsequently provide to their clients, who are rebuilding their lives after experiencing domestic violence, major illness, addiction, homelessness, fire, job loss, or natural disaster.

While laundering the collected linens has long been an operational challenge for Household Goods, the restrictions and guidelines required in the pandemic pushed Household Goods to reach out to Life Science Cares for help.

“Connecting to solve problems is in the very fabric of the life science industry, “ said Life Science Cares Executive Director Sarah MacDonald. “For the past eighteen months, we have worked alongside our nonprofit partners to ensure they can continue to do the important work they do in the community. When Household Goods shared the significant drain laundering donations was for their volunteers and budget, we knew we could leverage the LSC network to help.”

Volunteers sorted 400 extra-large bags full of donated items, about a quarter of which were bedsheets. Crown Uniform employees picked up the 1,600 pounds of bed sheets, brought them to the company’s Brockton facility to be washed, dried, and folded, and delivered the clean sheets to Household Goods’ center in Acton. The sheets are already a hot commodity as Household Goods help people in need make a home.

“Who doesn’t love crisp and professionally laundered linens? Our clients in need will especially enjoy them as they begin making their homes. We thank Crown Uniform and Life Science Cares for the support,” said Household Goods Executive Director Sharon Martens.

Crown Uniform and Linen Service is a family-owned and operated uniform and linen business that has been dedicated to serving New England for over 100 years.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with an organization like Household Goods thanks to our relationship with MassBio and Life Science Cares. As a family-owned local company, we were honored to have the opportunity to launder hygienically cleaned linens in order to enable Household Goods to serve the individuals and families in need throughout Massachusetts. In times like these we believe that it is important for New Englanders to stick together and serve the community that we so proudly call home,” said George Spilios, Co-President at Crown Uniform.

The connection was facilitated by MassBio, the industry trade organization. Crown Uniform is a Preferred Partner in MassBio Edge, a savings and reward program for MassBio member companies.

“The profound success of the life sciences industry in Massachusetts has largely been driven by collaboration, partnerships, and the people who support it,” said Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President & COO, MassBio. “Our mission at MassBio is to improve lives, and, as such, we are excited to work with Life Sciences Cares to support the work they are doing and provide the connection to Crown Uniform and Linen, so we can help solve the real needs of the people within our communities who need it most.”

If you’re looking to get involved, Life Science Cares is coordinating a volunteer opportunity at Household Goods’ Acton center to sort donated items for people in need. Learn more and sign up here.

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