MassBio® Brings Together Academia & Industry for its First-Ever Roundtable to Improve Collaboration

Jul 01, 2019

Senior leaders gather to share best practices and build real-world solutions

July 1, 2019 (CAMBRIDGE, MA) – The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio®), launched an Academic-Industry Roundtable Series to create pathways for better collaboration and progress innovative technologies in the life sciences. The inaugural meeting, held in late June, brought together a new working group – comprised of senior leaders from leading academic institutions and industry– designed to define best practices and catalyze academic-industry collaboration.

Collaboration between leading academic institutions and world class life sciences companies are essential to a healthy life sciences ecosystem. When optimized academic – industry collaboration can accelerate innovation and speed the translation of research and ensure the successful commercialization of new technology and therapies that will improve patient lives around the world. The MassBio series was created in conjunction with Back Bay Life Science Advisors and Troy Norris, Managing Director, Valamont Advisors to convene academia and industry and harness the potential of both environments to accelerate innovation.

“We are pleased to formally announce the launch of the Academic-Industry Roundtable series and want to thank our distinguished academic and industry partners for their support in this important endeavor,” said John Hallinan, Chief Business Officer, MassBio. “Academia and industry are critical pillars of the Massachusetts innovation ecosystem and support Massachusetts’s ranking as the top biomedical cluster. MassBio is pleased to champion this effort and reinforce the pillars to facilitate a more robust collaboration pathway between academia and industry.”

The roundtable was a first of its kind in Massachusetts. In its first forum the working group focused on identifying gaps in current collaboration and funding models that stymie innovation.

“MassBio is uniquely positioned to bring together luminaries from leading academic and industry organizations to facilitate the creation of new solutions and platforms,” said Troy Norris, Managing Director, Valamont Advisors. “Working together, the roundtable’s goal will be to streamline current collaboration models and establish new collaboration paradigms to more effectively translate medical research discoveries into clinically impactful products and solutions that improve patient care.”

“Academia and industry serve different missions, with different goals and methods of achieving success. For academia, this means education and research to improve society. For industry, this means creating products that sustain business success,” said Jonathan P. Gertler, MD, CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors. “With understanding and partnership, these approaches can coalesce and find shared purpose and meaningful progress toward the common good.”

The working group will reconvene in the fall and issue best practices, as drawn from the experiences and recommendations of participating pharma companies, and offices of technology transfer of Harvard, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and more. For more information about the MassBio Academic-Industry Roundtable Series, contact Lucie Rochard.



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