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CellMosaic is developing best-in-class drug conjugates using its proprietary AqueaTether (AqT) molecules and advanced conjugation processes.
AqT molecules are new entities designed and created at CellMosaic based on a class of food additives, sugar alcohol monomers. AqT molecules allow for maximum flexibility in building and generating novel drug conjugates with enhanced therapeutic profiles due to their super-hydrophilic, monodisperse, and multifunctional natures. For example, we have developed unique chemical processes to produce versatile hetero-bifunctional cross-linkers (AqT linkers) from sugar alcohol monomers. These super-hydrophilic linkers allow convenient linking of hydrophobic drug molecules to a biopolymer in water without a loss of activity, improving efficacy in vivo. In another example, we have developed a chemical process in which a monodispersed polymer (AqT polymer) can be produced from sugar alcohol monomers. When is used to label a therapeutic biopolymer, AqT polymer can increase its stability in the circulation, reduce its immunogenicity, and decrease the frequency of dosing. The monodispersed AqT polymer makes a homogeneous conjugate possible; thus, the conjugate manufacturing process is predictable and easy to control. The AqT polymer can also be designed with multiple conjugation sites for loading hydrophobic chemotherapeutic agents. This will greatly increase the solubility and stability of hydrophobic drugs and increase the amount of drug delivered to the tumor tissue, reducing undesirable side effects and the frequency of dosing. We filed extensive patent applications for AqT molecules and their related conjugates.
CellMosaic advanced conjugation processes use a controlled, site specific, or single labeling method, and can generate single ratio conjugates that are greater than 90% pure. We have built a successful custom conjugation service business based on these processes and delivered over 40 projects covering a variety of compounds, including proteins, antibodies, peptides, oligos, enzymes, and chemotherapeutic agents. Most of the conjugation methods and technique know-how are protected as trade secrets.
Our business strategy is to partner with companies using our AqT technologies to generate best-in-class drug conjugates (AqT drug).

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