Empiriko is at the intersection of biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and bioinformatics, developing technologies for personalized and precision medicine. Empiriko’s patented synthetic liver technology (Biomimiks™) provides a biomimetic platform that assesses the liver’s metabolic reaction to drugs, food and environmental agents. This platform serves as a foundation for Empiriko’s home-based diagnostics device — Personalized Metabolic Fingerprint™ (PMF) — which is designed to optimize dosage, drug-to-drug-interactions, drug-to-food-interactions and toxicity for at-risk patients in real-time. Using a patient’s drop of blood, Empiriko’s integrated PMF device is designed to not only miniaturize instruments for chemical analysis (which quantifies pharmacokinetic profile and adverse reactions) but also incorporates biosensors to conduct biological analysis (disease detection and drug effectiveness — biomarkers across proteins, peptides, cytokines, fatty acids and other markers). The PMF device then translates this patient data via its analytical engine (in silico modeling) for real-time actionable information for physicians. This data is transmitted into a patient’s electronic medical records, and an iPhone app provides patients with all the relevant information about their disease(s) and treatment effectiveness, so they can be more proactive in their own care. This actionable and comprehensive information would enable physicians to make improved clinical decisions at the point of care, resulting in better patient outcomes. This technology provides great potential for personalized medicine in rural and other underserved areas worldwide where hospitals and laboratories are limited.

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