ABI-LAB announces the launch of an acceleration office hours program with Alira Health to benefit current residents

Jul 22, 2019

Alira Health will provide free bi-weekly open office hours at their Framingham, Massachusetts headquarters to current and future ABI-LAB and ABI-LAB 2 tenants.

Posted by ABI-LAB

Natick, MASSACHUSETTS – July 16, 2019 – ABI-LAB, a biotech incubator facility firm, announced the launch of an acceleration office hours program with Alira Health to benefit current residents. ABI-LAB is an accelerator and bio-incubator established to support startups, including life science, biotech, medical technology, and medical data companies.

Our mission is to facilitate the growth and success of the next generation of entrepreneurs by fostering a vibrant collaborative environment and by providing at a very cost-effective manner the resources to help accelerate their scientific discoveries.

The campus is comprised of two first-class buildings that offer best-in-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art lab space that range in size from 500 to 4,000 square feet, as well as the option to configure larger lab spaces. But it’s not just about lab space; it’s about being around like-minded people, ideas and talent; it’s about shared amenities, which not only reduce costs but help foster collaboration; and it’s about seasoned industry leaders who provide our residents with guidance to help them build strong companies.

“Great advancements in biotech take time and expertise from many different disciplines. We are excited about the assistance this relationship with Alira Health will bring to our resident companies”, notes Gary Kaufman, Chief Operating Officer of ABI-LAB. “In the last three years we have assisted over 20 companies at ABI-LAB, and the forthcoming ABI-LAB 2 will be the home base for 45 additional biotech companies. We are excited to welcome our new tenants and are expediting completion of ABI-LAB 2 to December 2019. The new advisory program with Alira Health will substantially benefit both our current and future tenants and helps illustrate how ABI-LAB is not just a lab, it is an innovative hub.”

As part of this program, Alira Health will provide free bi-weekly open office hours at their Framingham, Massachusetts headquarters to current and future ABI-LAB and ABI-LAB 2 tenants. Alira Health’s team of strategists, consultants, bankers, and scientists will be available during this time to provide analysis, recommendations, and strategy across the product and business lifecycle, including regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, market access, business development, banking, and strategy.

“We are excited to launch this new initiative and run the first Acceleration Office Hours with ABI-LAB and soon with ABI-LAB 2”, says Gabriele Brambilla, Chief Executive Officer of Alira Health.  “ABI-Lab’s leadership team of Gary Kaufman, Raphael Nir, and David Cohen Pratt are invested in and passionate about healthcare innovation, which makes them perfect partners for Alira Health. We are honored to use our expertise to help increase the chances of success for their incubated companies.”

About Alira Health:

Alira Health is an international advisory firm that provides integrated strategy, execution and innovation services for the healthcare and life science companies. Alira Health operates across six offices located in Boston, San Francisco, Paris, Munich, Milan, and Barcelona. Their strategists, bankers, doctors, and scientists collaborate to fully understand every aspect of healthcare. They provide clients with a continuum of support leading them to achieve success at any and every point in their business cycle. 

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