ABI-LAB: Fostering incubator facility for emerging biotech startup companies

May 14, 2019

Posted by ABI-LAB

Natick, MA- Built in 2016, the first ABI-LAB consisting of 17,000 square-foot building is at full capacity with a waiting list. Founders Raphael Nir and Gary Kaufman have successfully created an ecosystem to help the next generation of biotech companies break barriers in various forms of research. Realizing the high demand of affordable move-in-ready lab facilities suitable for early stage research, ABI-LAB is launching a 68,000 square-foot lifesciences incubator facility aimed to open in December of this year.The $20 million building will have the capacity to house up to 47 biotech startup companies.

The four-story structure will consist of two floors that are build-to-suit dedicated laboratories ranging from 800 square-foot to 2,000 square foot. Other amenities such as office space, shared equipment, social spaces, cryo storage, cell culture development, hazardous material storage, and chemical hoods will also be available to the tenants.

It is no secret that there is no shortage of biotech  start-up companies in and around Boston. However there is a lack of affordable move-in-ready lab facilities suitable for early stage research.

ABI-LAB, whose mission as an economical accelerator and bio-incubator is to support emerging companies by simplifying the complex process of renting laboratory space. ABI-LAB minimizes the stresses by providing one rate, a conscious design to optimize laboratories, individual work stations, communal spaces, and access to high technology equipment. A well-planned startup strategy is integral for the success of start-ups, ABI-LAB’s goal is to create a work environment that allows companies to do so. The philosophy allows for small companies to have a chance to grow by removing the operational and financial burdens.

The business model and execution of ABI-LAB began with an idea pitched to one of the companies founders Dr. Raphael Nir on a napkin. Believing in Karyopharm Therapeutics vision, Dr. Nir became a founding partner which later paid off- Karyopharm is currently worth $700 million. “ Our roots in biotech facility development began with Karyopharm Therapeutics, whos founder sought expertise in rapid-scale facility design while they worked on an oral-based drug targeting multiple myeloma. Creating environments that foster startups’ developmental approaches eliminates wasted time so they they can focus on research and funding” adds Raphael Nir. Since his initial investment, co-founders Raphael Nir and Gary Kaufman have helped more than 25 start-ups across the biomedical sector.

“The startup mindset is about exploration, experimentation, rapid learnings and failures. This project isn’t about creating a building. It is centered on the process — about fueling the genesis for productive growth,” cites Gary Kaufman, co-founder and managing partner. ABI-LAB is not about leasing laboratory space, we want to foster startups and give them the opportunity to grow. Currently housing 17 amazing companies we are looking forward to filling out ABI-LAB 2.

Companies interested in available laboratory space at ABI-LAB 2 can apply by emailing Gary Kaufman at Gary@ABI-LAB.com. You can also find ABI-LAB on the Massachusetts Pavilion at the Philadelphia Bio Event.

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