Addgene Expands Plasmid Sharing Between Academia and Industry

Aug 03, 2020

Posted by Addgene

Addgene, the nonprofit plasmid repository whose mission is to accelerate scientific research and discovery, has recently expanded plasmid sharing to industry researchers. To facilitate COVID-19 research, over 90% of Addgene’s COVID-19 plasmids, including plasmids encoding SARS-CoV-2 genes, human targets, and CRISPR-based nucleic acid detection tools, are available to industry scientists. In total, Addgene’s collection of plasmids available to industry has grown by 550% in 2020 with plans for further expansion.

Learn more on the Addgene blog.

Addgene is a nonprofit plasmid repository whose mission is to accelerate research and discovery by improving access to useful research materials and information. Addgene facilitates the sharing of high-quality scientific materials, research reproducibility, and open science by archiving and distributing DNA-based research reagents and associated data to scientists worldwide.

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