Batavia Biosciences joins the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)

Mar 22, 2022

Posted by Batavia Biosciences

Batavia Biosciences is a center of excellence CDMO in manufacturing biopharmaceuticals be it vaccines, viral vectors, proteins, or antibodies. In support of its mission to substantially reduce human suffering from infectious disease and cancer, the company has developed unique biological materials and mammalian cell production processes, proven to substantially reduce time and cost of manufacturing. 

By joining NIIMBL, Batavia offers the community its technology platforms, materials, and product development knowhow. In return, Batavia can expand its public-private network within the biopharmaceutical industry and academia, further fueling innovations and concepts pivotal to improve biomanufacturing.

Batavia Biosciences’ Director of Science and Innovation, Wilfried Bakker, emphasized, “I am proud that Batavia has decided to join NIIMBL as it really is all about partnership, innovation, and data sharing to accelerate biotechnology. Improving the availability of key biopharmaceuticals through cost-efficient technologies sits right at the heart of Batavia Biosciences’ mission”.

NIIMBL’s Executive Director Barry Buckland, commented, “We are delighted that Batavia has decided to join the NIIMBL community. Having diversity in the types of companies and organizations along with individuals from varying experiences forming interdisciplinary teams is critical to accelerating innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry.”

To learn more about NIIMBL and Batavia Biosciences, please visit each respective website.

About Batavia Biosciences

Batavia Biosciences significantly contributes to ease human suffering from infectious diseases and cancer by leveraging our innovative technologies and in-depth know-how at all stages of the development trajectory, from the transition into early clinical studies, to navigating late-stage clinical development and entering commercial manufacturing at higher speed, reduced costs, and with increased success. The company operates state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US and, as part of the CJ Global Family companies, is building a strong position in global health with its strategic partners worldwide. For more information visit


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