BioIVT to Highlight its New SPHEROID-CERTIFIED™ Hepatocytes at the 24th North American ISSX Meeting

Sep 08, 2021

Poster presentations will also showcase BioIVT’s transporter research capabilities and applications of a transporter-competent sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes model

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BioIVT, a leading provider of research models and services for drug and diagnostic development, today announced that it will be highlighting its new SPHEROID-CERTIFIED™ hepatocytes at the 24th North American International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) Meeting, which will be held online from September 13-17.


BioIVT’s SPHEROID CERTIFIED hepatocytes are cryoplateable lots that the company has evaluated and shown to have long-term viability in 3D cultures.


“We are strong supporters of ISSX and appreciate having this opportunity to meet with our colleagues in the research community, albeit virtually, to discuss the advances we have made with our hepatic products,” said Dr. Chris Black, BioIVT’s Senior Vice President, ADME Tox. “The COVID-19 pandemic made R&D especially difficult during the past year and highlighted the critical importance of drug discovery. We’re proud of the many ways in which the scientists in our ADME Tox and Transporter Research Services groups have risen to the challenge and worked collaboratively with our clients to help keep their programs on track.”


For example, BioIVT scientists collaborated with colleagues from Esperion Therapeutics, Inc., the University of Washington in Seattle, and Western University in London, Ontario on two posters to be presented at the ISSX Meeting. They describe studies to investigate bempedoic acid, a drug used to treat hypercholesterolemia. The poster entitled “P97: Effect of Bempedoic Acid on Warfarin and Naproxen In Vitro Disposition in Sandwich-Cultured Human Hepatocytes (SCHH)” and “P99: Effect of Bempedoic Acid on OAT2-Mediated Uptake of Drugs in MDCK-II Cells” will be presented at 12:20 pm ET on September 16.


“Researchers have been using our hepatocytes for spheroid cultures for many years. The benefit of using our new SPHEROID-CERTIFIED lots comes from the characterization data we provide with them, which can help customers more quickly select hepatocytes that meet their particular requirements,” said Scott Heyward, BioIVT’s Director of Research and Development. Mr. Heyward will describe this new offering in more detail during the ISSX Exhibitor Product Showcase at 10:15 am EDT on September 15.


Experts from BioIVT’s ADME Tox team will also be available in their booth at to answer questions about the company’s research services and extensive portfolio of products that model hepatotoxicity.


Additional information about this conference is available at


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