BioIVT to Host Symposium Highlighting Industry Progress in Immuno-oncology Drug Discovery Research

Aug 07, 2019

Symposium presenters were drawn from pharma, biotech and academia to demonstrate the latest technological innovations in immuno-oncology research

Posted by BioIVT

Westbury, NY – Aug. 7, 2019 – BioIVT, a leading provider of research models and services for drug and diagnostic development, today announced that it will be hosting a research symposium entitled “Innovation in Immuno-oncology: Breaking Down the Barriers” on Aug. 14. This event, which will highlight research advances with implications for immuno-oncology drug discovery and clinical practice, will be held at the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge, MA.


“Immuno-oncology is currently one of the most exciting fields in oncology research. The concept of developing and refining drugs that enable a patient’s own immune system to fight their cancer is a highly compelling approach,” said BioIVT Vice President of Marketing Courtney Noah, PhD. “BioIVT is very active in immuno-oncology research, which requires high-quality, well-characterized biospecimens. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of the exciting work in which we have had the privilege to be involved and help share the resulting knowledge with our peers.”


Innovation in Immuno-oncology sessions include the following:


  • ATLAS™ Technology Improves Neoantigen Selection for Personalized Cancer Vaccines – Parul Agnihotri, PhD, Genocea
  • A GCLP Workflow for the Measurement of Protein Biomarkers in FFPE Tissue Samples by Mass Spectrometry – Lorella Di Donato, PhD, Caprion Bioscience, Inc
  • Beyond PD-1 Blockade: Combination Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Engages Multiple Mechanisms of Action – Johanna K. Kaufmann, PhD, TESARO, a GSK Company
  • Innovative Approaches for Neoantigen-based T Cell Therapy Manufacturing – Shashi Murthy, PhD, Flaskworks
  • PDX Models of Solid Cancer Express Distinct Cytokine Profiles Relating to their Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Landscape – Julia Schüler, PhD/DVM, Charles River Laboratories
  • Successful Implementation of Global Biomarker Strategies: Pre-analytics Matters (But is Often Ignored) – Russel Weiner, PhD, the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute


BioIVT supports immuno-oncology research in several ways. It provides high-quality biospecimens, from informed consented donors, with the requisite regulatory documents. The company’s oncology tissue blocks are all reviewed by an independent board-certified pathologist to confirm that the specimen has the correct anatomic site and diagnosis, thus ensuring the validity of research data. BioIVT biofluid specimens, dissociated tumor cells, primary cancer associated cells, fresh cancer tissue, and leukopaks are all accompanied by extensive clinical data.


BioIVT also provides research services that complement immuno-oncology drug development, such as multiplex immunohistochemistry with digital pathology, and cell-based assay solutions as a Promega Preferred Immune Checkpoint and ADCC Reporter Bioassay provider.


Interested parties can register for this symposium at


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BioIVT is a leading global provider of research models and value-added research services for drug discovery and development. We specialize in control and disease-state biospecimens including human and animal tissues, cell products, blood and other biofluids. Our unmatched portfolio of clinical specimens directly supports precision medicine research and the effort to improve patient outcomes by coupling comprehensive clinical data with donor samples. Our PHASEZERO® Research Services team works collaboratively with clients to provide target and biomarker validation, phenotypic assays to characterize novel therapeutics, clinical assay development and in vitro hepatic modeling solutions. And as the premier supplier of hepatic products, including hepatocytes and subcellular fractions, BioIVT enables scientists to better understand the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism of newly-discovered compounds and their effects on disease processes. By combining our technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biological specimens, BioIVT serves the research community as a trusted partner in elevating science. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @BioIVT.

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