BioSurplus Hires Leigh Dallow As Director Of Business Development, Eastern United States

Jul 09, 2019

BOSTON, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BioSurplus, America's premier buyer, reseller, and auctioneer of preowned lab equipment, has hired Leigh Dallow to lead business development efforts in the Eastern United States, bringing on an established business development executive in the biotech industry.

"We are thrilled to have someone with Leigh's industry knowledge and experience join our team," said Bill VanDeWeghe, president and CEO of BioSurplus. "Having worked in sales and business development for major corporations, she brings valuable insight regarding the needs of our customers and the market. She is a huge asset and will be instrumental to our growth in Boston and the East Coast."

Dallow added, "I am thrilled to be working with an industry leader, providing solutions for labs across the country, from the largest biopharma companies that need to monetize excess assets, to early stage companies that need inexpensive tools for their research.  BioSurplus ensures that the needs of scientists are met in a cost-effective manner that keeps equipment out of landfills."

Leigh Dallow has worked in the life science and healthcare sectors for more than 15 years, starting in sales for Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Forest Pharmaceuticals before serving as the vice president of sales and business development for SironaHealth, Inc. She has also served as senior vice president of corporate development at International Healthcare Regulatory Advisors, where she assisted medical practices in developing unique business models that allowed for maximized growth within the standards of regulatory compliance. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Ithaca College.

About BioSurplus

Founded in 2002, BioSurplus is America's preeminent buyer and reseller of preowned lab equipment. Customers can shop from anywhere using the BioSurplus online store, online auctions or visit us at our California showroom. BioSurplus purchases late model working lab instruments from labs that no longer need them, and then passes on the savings of repurposed equipment to its customers. The BioSurplus team is carefully chosen for their scientific experience and background to ensure the proper marketing, selling and handling of a wide range of laboratory instruments. BioSurplus is dedicated to maximizing the value and use of laboratory equipment for both its buying and selling customers.

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