CILcare, world-leading R&D company specialized in the field of hearing, celebrates 5 years of success

Jul 19, 2019

CILcare was created in July 2014 by three managers from Sanofi, Celia Belline, Dr. Marie-Pierre Pasdelou and Dr. Sylvie Pucheu, who combined their skills to accelerate the development of innovate medical treatments for hearing disorders, including hearing loss, tinnitus, and otitis. Currently CILcare is the only CRO (Contract Research Organization) in the world that specializes in hearing disorders.

The company has consolidated and is now well-established on the international market. As of two years, CILcare has a subsidiary and state-of-the-art GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratories in Boston (USA) with its partner CBSET, an expert Translational Research Center linked to MIT. Its R&D department, mostly comprised of experts in neuroscience and otology, are working on the development of new technologies and revolutionary solutions for hearing disorders. By combining their strengths and passion for their work, CILcare’s teams are advancing step-by-step in the research and development of new solutions in the field of hearing: drugs, medical devices, gene and cell therapies, among others.

With 15% of the world's population suffering from hearing loss, CILcare continuously engages in collaborative research and works in close collaboration with patient associations (Action on Hearing Loss, Fondation pour l’Audition) and academics to improve its expertise. Various collaborative projects have been acquired in CILcare’s portfolio to enhance the translation from research to patients: DETEC-T, CochleOfixTM, Z-EAR and DETECT2. Supported by the Region of Occitanie, BPI France, the French State and the University of Montpellier, these projects place CILcare at the forefront of research, and no other company in the world has the expertise of CILcare’s teams and its partners.

CILcare cultivates and respects diversity. Assisted by the economic development agency AD'OCC, Montpellier BIC, Melies Business Angels, Sofilaro, Eurobiomed, Medicen, Biocom, MassBio and the incubator “Voir et Entendre”, the company now employs 23 workers, with representation from 7 different nationalities.

"Being of British origin, CILcare’s multicultural environment is one of the aspects of my job that I particularly enjoy. We exchange our ideas and cultures on a day-by-day basis with people from all over the world.” Mark Self, Executive Assistant.

CILcare promotes a work environment where differences can bring around real improvement and new challenges.

“It is very enriching to follow studies in their entirety. The evolution of our skills is ensured by the introduction of new models of hearing disorders frequently associated with the acquisition of new techniques." Véronique Baudoux, R&D Project Manager.

The company invests in the talent of its employees and pursues their ambitious goals.

“Having joined CILcare three years ago, today I have the opportunity to lead a young dynamic team composed of engineers and PhDs, who are very committed and who wholly apply themselves to our various projects, whether they come from small biotechs or big pharmas.” Gaelle Naert, Ph.D, COO.

"From the beginning, CILcare set up a quality management system to guarantee its clients’ traceability of products, laboratory consumables and the maintenance of state-of-the-art measuring systems. In addition, the regular training of our employees allows us to continuously expand their know-how.” Philippe Larroze-Chicot, Quality and Purchasing Director.

Five years since its creation, CILcare offers its customers (pharmaceutical, biotechnological, nutraceutical and medical device companies), a unique and cutting-edge offer in the field of hearing
to evaluate the efficiency and safety of their solutions.

About CILcare: CILcare is a Contract Research Organization specialized in the development of novel therapies for ear disorders. The company offers a range of services to assess the efficacy, safety and exposure of drug candidates and medical devices on preclinical models of hearing loss, tinnitus, otitis, and ototoxicity. CILcare is based in Montpellier (south of France), Paris, and Boston, MA (USA).

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