Closing the Gap: Strategies for Resolving Imaging Discrepancies in Oncology Drug Trials

Aug 16, 2023

Posted by Median Technologies Inc

Imaging plays a critical role in assessing drug efficacy in clinical trials. However, variability in imaging interpretation can lead to discrepancies in the trial results, which can have significant implications. 

This webinar explores the challenges associated with site versus central image reading in oncology clinical trials, how they impact trial results, and their root for better drug efficacy evaluation. 

This webinar covers the following topics: 


  • Understanding the impact of site vs. central read discrepancies on imaging outcomes and drug efficacy evaluation 
  • Identifying the factors that contribute to site vs. central read discrepancies, including real-world examples 
  • Discussing ways to address and overcome these discrepancies 
  • This webinar is intended for clinical trial sponsors, imaging experts, scientists, and anyone involved in designing and conducting imaging clinical trials. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about site versus central read variability and how to mitigate its impact on clinical trial results. Watch the replay here!


Our presenter panel includes high level experts:  

  • Dr Cinzia Dello Russo – Researcher in Pharmacology, Department of Healthcare Surveillance and Bioethics, Section of Pharmacology, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, Rome, Italy 
  • Dr Navarra Pierluigi – Head, Chair of Pharmacology, Dept. of Healthcare Surveillance and Bioethics, Section of Pharmacology Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, Rome, Italy 
  • Dr Antoine Iannessi – Senior Medical Director, Median Technologies 

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