Computational chemistry news, November 2022

Nov 16, 2022

Posted by Cresset

1600x900_Flare-V6.1_FEP-enhancementsFlare™ V6.1 released

New features and science in this latest release of Flare enable rapid exploration and analysis of lead compounds and ligand series, and effective communication of project results.

1600x900_QM_HOMO_LUMO_gapNew Flare Python Cookbook recipes

Ready-to-use recipes include the ability to focus on results relevant for your project, quickly explore ligand properties, and calculate the HOMO-LUMO gap of your ligands.

1600x600_EC-surfaces of mutant and WT antibodyEngineering antibody-antigen interfaces to improve therapeutic properties

We present a case for antibody engineering and describe how expert Cresset Discovery modelers use in silico approaches to quickly and effectively take your project to the next stage.

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1600x900_Postdoc program cardPostdoc program opening to applications early 2023

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