Cresset announces Scientific Advisory Board

Aug 03, 2020

Posted by Cresset

Cambridge, UK – 29 July 2020 – Cresset, innovative provider of computational solutions and services for small molecule drug discovery and design is pleased to announce the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board who will provide guidance to the Cresset science team in their research.

The Cresset Scientific Advisory Board members are:

  • Stevan W Djuric, Discovery Chemistry and Technology Consulting LLC, USA (Chairman)
  • Richard Lewis, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
  • Alexander Hillisch, Bayer AG, Germany
  • Andreas Bender, University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca, UK
  • Julien Michel, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Paul Czodrowski, TU Dortmund University, Germany
  • Kazuyoshi Ikeda, Keio University, Japan

“We are proud to welcome such eminent figures in computational chemistry to join our Scientific Advisory Board,” says Dr Mark Mackey, CSO, Cresset. “The creation of this team is an important step for our future development as we expand the depth and capabilities of Cresset’s scientific software solution offering. Each SAB member brings broad expertise, complementary skills and an outside perspective which will be invaluable in guiding our research efforts.”

“Cresset software remains a perennial favorite of medicinal and computational chemists due to the relevance and value that it brings for helping to provide solutions to key molecular design problems. The Scientific Advisory Board is excited about the opportunity to help Cresset develop the next generation of tools to accelerate product discovery cycle times and success rates at a time when the industry is encountering more and more diverse and challenging  targets.” says Dr Stevan W Djuric, Chairman, Cresset Scientific Advisory Board.

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