Cresset February 2022 newsletter

Feb 24, 2022

Posted by Cresset

Addressing metabolic liabilities by bioisosteric replacements with Spark™

Metabolic stability of a compound is a key factor in drug discovery and development. Several compounds with promising pharmacological properties fail to become drugs due to poor metabolic stability profiles. In this case study, we demonstrate how bioisosteric replacements can be useful in addressing metabolic liabilities using our bioisostere replacement and scaffold hopping software, Spark.


Accelerate discovery of novel flavors and fragrances

Our Cresset Discovery team comprising of expert modelers and medicinal chemists can work together with you to bring a unique perspective, remove obstacles and advance your flavor and fragrance discovery projects efficiently and cost-effectively.


Hunt for new IP for the next generation of novel agrochemicals

Globachem renews contract with Cresset Discovery

Cresset Discovery, provider of contract consulting for early phase discovery, has been appointed by Globachem, who specialize in developing and marketing high quality crop protection products, to upskill their in-house team and assist them in developing the next generation of novel agrochemicals.




Now hiring: Full-time permanent role as Postdoctoral Scientist

This is a unique opportunity to gain experience in all departments of our software and contract research business units. Your career at Cresset will start with a comprehensive, tailored rotational program across both scientific and commercial disciplines to broaden your exposure and skillset.


June 16th • Andy Vinter Memorial Meeting

Hybrid: Cambridge, UK • Virtual

Join us in a celebration of the life and work of Andy Vinter, founder of Cresset. The meeting will deliver scientific content built on the unique and insightful approach that Andy took to molecular modeling throughout his distinguished career from his early days at Wellcome to his pioneering work on the eXtended Electron Distribution (XED) force field, which was foundational in the creation of Cresset. We hope you’re able to join us, either in-person or virtually, not only in celebration of Andy’s work but also his great sense of humour and irrepressible and joyous irreverance!

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