Finding Success as a Scientist: Women and Diversity in Science with Cierra Spencer

Oct 26, 2021

Posted by UCB

Cierra Spencer always knew she wanted to be a scientist from a young age. In high school she was already taking college-level chemistry, only a few years later she was conducting research and interning in the chemistry field, until she was exposed to the pharmaceutical industry during her and knew she had found her passion. 

Cierra’s years of experience and drive to make an impact reinforce the idea that even when you may be in the minority, either by gender, race, or both, it is your work ethic and expertise that will prove to make you successful. 

“I have been very fortunate… I have never felt as if I needed to see others doing something to know I could too. Being a woman has never held me back or made me afraid to take opportunities, even if no one else is going to look like me,” she said. 

Cierra’s most important advice for any other aspiring scientists is to combine your interests in a way that you can contribute something great to the world and to always speak up about it. 

In June 2019, Cierra joined UCB as a research scientist on a protein purification team in Bedford, MA. Recently promoted to Senior Scientist, Cierra is expected to work independently on assignments, think of more advanced and innovative troubleshooting solutions, and collaborate with project managers on strategic decision making. Her experience at UCB has allows her to not only discover more about small-molecule drug discovery but expands her greater understanding and developing a new biologic.

“You need to be satisfied and stimulated to truly be successful – and science does just that for me because I love to be challenged and to try to do the things no one else has done before,” she said. 

UCB aims to provide value to patients through cultivating an environment that encourages innovation, expertise, and diversity. 

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