From hype to reality: How to succeed in the cell and gene therapy market

Jan 25, 2023

From hype to reality: How to succeed in the cell and gene therapy market

Gene therapies and genetically modified cell therapies have generated enormous interest among scientific researchers, manufacturers, investors and patients alike over the last decade. 

For pharma, which has been underperforming other sectors in relative shareholder returns, the breakthrough potential of these novel medicines is attractive for both patients and companies. But the path to success has been challenging. The promise of one-time, revolutionary treatments for patients suggested that a massive disruption to the life science industry was imminent. However, as it turned out, manufacturing and commercial challenges slowed the development of the cell and gene therapy (CGT) market.


Sales of CGT therapies were lagging behind projections, and these products were available in only a handful of US ZIP codes, according to a PwC report on the market in 2019. We have updated our analysis of the market and found a resetting of expectations for these paradigm-shifting brands. Developers are working through the logistical issues, hundreds of treatment sites are open, and some products are performing well.

Manufacturing of cell and gene therapies is still a very customized, complex and expensive process but the clinical promise is very real and the pipeline of new therapies is abundant. In this report, we highlight seven key challenges in the CGT space and provide recommendations on how organizations can overcome these barriers to achieve success.


If your company is in the CGT market and you’d like to learn more about the path to success, please reach out to the authors:

Greg Rotz, Partner, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Transformation Leader, PwC US

Shaguna Punj, Partner, Strategy&, PwC US

Rohit Harve, Managing Director, Strategy&, PwC US

Alvin Tam, Director, Strategy&, PwC US


We work with all types of companies in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry – if you’re interested in learning more about how Strategy& PwC can help your brand, reach out to Rohit Harve (Managing Director, Strategy&, PwC US

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