Hearing matters ! What can you do to prevent drug-induced hearing loss?

Dec 10, 2020

Learn how to insulate your development program from ototoxicity in this video

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Today half a billion people suffer from hearing loss. More than 200 ototoxic medications are on the market. Ototoxicity tests exist but are not required as part as general safety studies during drug development.

  • Why are there still ototoxic drugs on the market in 2020?
  • What are the recommendations for developers of drugs that are or could potentially be ototoxic?
  • Are there any guidelines in auditory R&D?

Find out in this video CILcare & CBSET solutions to insulate your development program from ototoxicity.

Watch the full video here : https://www.cilcare.com/video-hearing-matters-what-can-you-do-to-prevent-ototoxicity-cilcare-cbset/

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